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Connolly Architecture has experience designing many different types of buildings, including energy-efficient and environmentally sensitive green buildings and homes. Our areas of expertise include:

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Why Hire an Architect?

Architects offer a wide range of services. So just who needs an architect? Everyone. If you are planning to build, add to, or renovate any type of building, an architect should be involved in the project.

There are many benefits to having an architect on your side. You have a unique vision of what you want. Now you have to make that vision a reality. Learn More

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freegeometric pillow patterns to crochet Featured Project: A classic design for luxury living

Hugh Connolly designed this Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired luxury home that uses the best aspects of Wright's architecture to meet today's practical, technological, and aesthetic needs. Read More

The Connolly Architecture Difference

Connolly Architecture, LLC works hand-in-hand with clients to provide innovative building solutions that clearly differentiate their project from everyday design.

We work with you to create inspiring spaces that exceed your expectations, are environmentally friendly, and improve your daily life. We listen carefully and ask detailed questions to thoroughly understand our clients' lives or businesses and their particular needs and expectations for their projects. Our meticulous attention to detail and commitment to our clients results in buildings that satisfy both their current and anticipated needs, while always keeping an eye on their budget and schedule requirements. Learn More

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Project Gallery

Visit our Project Gallery to see detailed examples of how we have translated our clients' visions into exciting environments that celebrate the ideas of their owners, along with sustainable buildings that meet our clients' needs while being environmentally responsible.

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See our project gallery